Guest Service Review & Training

Guest Service Review & TrainingAre you experiencing reduced ranking on TripAdvisor with low guest reviews? Try our guest service review to see why your hotel is experiencing low guest satisfaction reviews and how to make immediate improvements.

We have lots of experience with identifying Guest Service issues and can help establish SOP’s resulting in much better placement of your hotel.

It is critical to have good SOP’s that spell out company policies for guest service policies such as: employee empowerment, dealing with guest complaints, adjustments and comps, responding quickly, offering special amenities, responding to online reviews, providing review links to satisfied guests, and turning a bad guest experience into a positive one, showing the guest you truly care.

Try our guest service review & training which can help you establish solid company policies to keep your employees doing the right thing, time after time again and again, and improve your hotel ranking. It only takes one bad review to knock down your placement. Usually, its one new employee that was never trained properly that creates the issue.

Audit Hotel specializes in these areas and can make all the difference.