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Audit Hotel is focused on how to better manage your property by reviewing your existing operational procedures with best practices commonly found throughout the hospitality industry. We verify compliance of your standard operating procedures and provide a comprehensive review of internal control procedures for each department of your hotel. We do surprise property inspections which often uncover items previously unknown to ownership.

We are hospitality Accounting experts! And offer a wide level of experience and knowledge to each engagement .
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You benefit in many ways by having an expert hospitality professional conduct a surprise property inspection of your hotel. We bring industry standard best practices, economizing existing procedures with more efficient ways to get problems solved, and get an inside look on how well your hotel is being managed.

We apply quantitative scoring to audit results for comparison between multiple properties. We also provide a narrative report identifying each issue found with the recommended corrective action needed.

Our audits and inspections are independent and objective, and enhance detection of potential fraud by evaluating and improving effectiveness of risk management. We introduce new technology to improve your standard operation procedures (SOP) to achieve better operational efficiency and internal control.

Our consulting services can be expanded as needed during the course of the engagement based on the initial findings. We price our audits to allow multiple visits per year to your hotels.

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Hotel key-less room entry is a game changer using the latest radio -frequency identification (RFID) technology, allowing guests to head directly to their room and unlock the door using mobile smart phones.


Having solid key control polices and procedures is vital to avoid negligence when a crime is committed, and protecting hotel assets and reducing fraud.  Hotels are often missing basic key control procedures to monitor master keys usage, access doors to inventory, and controlling the Emergency Fire master key that will override an occupied guest room with secured deadbolt.

Many key control procedures are eliminated with use of the newer RFID lock systems.  Such as daily key in/out log sheets, which are replaced by assigning each employees their own unique arm band, pods, or master keys and the system tracks each time the key is used.  However, like most new technologies, management often relies on the automation to handle everything, and the key control procedures can disappear.  Example: room attendants share master keys for daily room assignments, since turn over is high and new employees are not assigned their own unique key when hired, and no key log is used.  Management will tell you the system takes care of tracking all keys used and no key logs are necessary, but in fact the key usage is not being tracked.

Other common issues are cuts to reduce installation costs when upgrading to new key lock systems, whereby some storage rooms and admin doors do not get the upgraded locks.  When this happens, then both manual key control procedures and automated procedures become very important to implement and maintain.

Regular audits and testing of standard operating procedures is needed to verify that proper key control is being used, monitored by management, and working.  Remember the old saying “out of sight out of mind” don’t rely on technology to manage your key control.

Audit Hotel performs a detailed review of key control on site during each of our hotel inspections and internal audits.  We walk the property with management testing the various key control procedures being used, and recommend improvements.



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