Hotel Sleepers

A sleeper occurs when a room is verified by housekeeping as used and dirty with no record by the front desk PMS showing it as sold or occupied.
There are many valid reasons for guest to be moved to another room after the room was occupied, resulting in a discrepancy.  But, sometimes the room has no valid explanation and is a sleeper.
This is a very common way for front desk or other hotel employees to commit fraud, and often goes unnoticed.  Especially, when management is relying the PMS system to track room discrepancies which are often updated by the same employees that are in on the scam.
Hotel employees trust each other and work together as a team, so when housekeeping calls the front desk to ask about a room discrepancy, they will accept what ever reason is provided and it is no longer considered a sleeper.  In many cases, the front desk shift working at night, works the following morning and has an opportunity to answer for any room discrepancies.  Sometimes, maintenance or late night employees utilize rooms for friends and family members for parties, and many other reasons.  And sometimes to create a credit in the PMS which can be used for other fraudulent postings.
The golden rule – housekeeping must inspect all vacant rooms each morning, and certify the number of dirty rooms that required service in writing using a “rooms discrepancy report” where the total rooms cleaned is compared to the total rooms rented each day, and a detailed explanation is provided when a discrepancy occurs.  This report is then reviewed and approved by the hotel manager and retained in the daily night audit packs for later review.  This is when electronic locks are read and the explanations are verified by the hotel or rooms manager.  This can be done using paper forms, or tracked online using hotel cloud applications such as Quore or HotSauce, and others.
We meet directly with the hotel executive housekeeper when we perform hotel audits and inspections, and explain how important and vital this procedure is to the hotel, as an independent check on the front desk.
Many hotels have this procedure, but it is not being monitored and is not getting done.
Audit Hotel performs a detailed review of “Sleepers” during each of our hotel internal audits and inspections.  We review random days throughout the year to verify the room discrepancy report is being properly reviewed and getting done each day.



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